An umbrella platform for affiliated organisations

The Minorities Forum represents the ethno-cultural associations of Flanders and Brussels and gives voice to people with a migration background. They do so in conjunction with their affiliated organisations and partners who, together, make up a comprehensive and flexible constituency. This vibrant network came into being by actively bringing together and activating many people, organisations and communities. In doing so, the Minorities Forum aims to inform and convince policy makers at various levels, in order to influence policies and, in doing so, achieve an open, democratic and inclusive society.

In turn, the affiliated organisations communicate with their members and the outside world. Genscom developed one platform for the Minorities Forum, subdivided into subplatforms which allow every organisation to further develop their communication. This allows the Minorities Forum to realise the following objectives:

1. Supporting the affiliated organisations

This allows the Minorities Forum to support its smaller member associations. These, in turn, can use the communication platform to realise their own publications to inform and activate their constituencies. An added bonus is the increased name recognition of the Minorities Forum itself. Talk about a win-win situation!

2. The strength of a shared stance

Affiliated organisations can use this platform to communicate shared viewpoints on specific issues. The platform allows viewpoints to be put forward as standard elements during a specific period and to be used in connection with articles on that topic.

3. Bottom-up communication

Small-scale organisations can also use the platform to encourage their local groups to create local publications. This in turn allows local groups to communicate with their supporters. These local groups can also create their own publication through the Minorities Forum site, enabling ethno-cultural organisations to increase their visibility within the community.

4. An inexpensive communication tool

Joining forces not only means spreading the costs. By using a system of joint purchasing, overall printing costs are minimised.

Each organisation works at its own tempo

All organisations operate independently. They autonomously decide about their own publications. To accommodate this, Genscom developed subplatforms within the Minorities Forum platform, each with their own templates, as well as monitoring and ordering modules.

For these organisations it was important to find their own affordable alternative to communicate with their constituencies. Moreover, Genscom offers customised support for the creation of their publications, providing training which will allow local groups to go to work with this tool.

Two Turkish and two Italian federations, the Moroccan Federation, the Russian and African federations and many others. They all communicate with their supporters thanks to the Genscom platform!

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