We are Genscom

Are you looking for an affordable way to shine a light on your own company or organisation? Would you like to try your own hand at it but could you do with a little help? Welcome to Genscom! Together we will look for the perfect formula to boost your business or organization and give it the attention it deserves!


Genscom, that’s right, with the com of communication or, even more appropriately, of community. Because that's what we want to achieve. Creating a community, taking control of your own communication with many people at once. Achieving one goal, together. As one family, or to say it in Latin, as one gens.


Genscom is a young and innovative communication company, specializing in (small-scale) segmented and personalised communication, both in the offline and online arenas. We want to offer companies and organisations a way to communicate with their customers and members in a targeted way. Moreover, we challenge them to have their own customers and members produce their own publications. In doing this, we encourage bottom-up communication and enable various stakeholders to work together on one publication (many-to-many).

Genscom handles the entire workflow from editorial input up to and including optimised postal distribution for companies, associations, authorities, non-profits and individuals! If you’re looking for an innovative and surprising communication concept, you've come to the right place.


Stefaan Vanysacker
Co-founder & managing director


Koenraad Coppens
Communications consultant & account manager


Gertjan Deprez
Online marketeer


Marc Libotte
Account manager Wallonia


Have you seen an interesting project and are you wondering about the possibilities for your organisation?

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