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Get a paper starting from just 0,29 euro! 

What determines the price of your paper?

The price of your paper depends on several factors:

  • - Number of pages: always a multiple of 4
  • - Paper type: newsprint or recycled white paper
  • - Personalization: In the text with text and images
  • - Print run: starting from just a single copy
  • - Distribution: individual or parcel shipment

Planning on publishing on a regular basis? Together, we’ll come up with a formula that offers you a fixed unit price.

Questions about paper type, format, delivery…? Check out our FAQs

What determines the cost price of your paper - Genscom

Not ready to get started yet?

Have some questions? Not sure if your plans are feasible? Or just don’t have time to take it up yourself? Our team is ready to help! From a rough idea to a beautiful end result, we’ll support your project every step of the way.


Our team is here to make your dream a reality.

We’ll advise, create and follow up your project all the way to your letterbox.

Our team is ready to help you realize your newspaper dream - Genscom