Personalizing a newspaper is easier than you think!

1 PDF and 1 Excel. That’s all you need.

1. What to personalize

There are endless ways to personalize your newspaper. For example:

Customized salutation

Modified address

Personal photo

Latest purchase

Unique loyalty card

Bar or QR code

... and so much more! You name it and we’ll do it!


A smart example? Discover the personalized papers of Edgard & Copper!

Design and print a personalized newspaper - Genscom

2. How to get started

You can make a personalized newspaper in 3 simple steps:

1. Save your newspaper design as a PDF file

2. Mark the fields you want to personalize in your PDF

3. List the necessary information in an Excel file

You'll find a detailed description of how to correctly submit your files in our technical datasheet. We'll take care of the rest!


Everything you need to know about our newspapers? Check out our FAQs

Personalizing a newspaper is easier than you think - Genscom

3. Tips on personalization

Customization is more than just grabbing attention. It’s also communicating effectively with your target audience. Make your personalized newspaper even more compelling with these simple tips:

1. Use a QR code to make an online connection

2. Adapt the content to your target audience

3. Don’t go overboard, this may get tiresome



Grab the attention with a personalized newspaper - Genscom