Boosting the Edgard&Cooper brand with personalized newspapers and social media influencers

How to make your marketing campaign Instagram-worthy

An out-of-the-box idea


Edgard & Cooper set out to break the misconception of plant-based dog food and inform people of our new complete, balanced and totally yummy recipes in a fun way.


Edgard & Cooper used personalized newspapers for a digital branding campaign - Genscom

How personalized newspapers help boost digital influence


As part of a digital advertising campaign Edgard & Cooper surprised some of their influencers with a personalized newspaper featuring the name and picture of their dog!

It was a big hit! What started as an experiment grew into a campaign across 7 European countries.


Edgard & Cooper surprised their social media influencers with a personalized newspaper - Genscom

Effective storyelling and branding


Edgard & Cooper's success story is a perfect example of effective branding: "We loved the personalized newspaper - the printing was super high quality and the finished article looked amazing. We also saw a great response from the influencers we sent the newspaper to, and from their followers!"




Edgard & Cooper were happy with the high-quality finish of their personalized newspapers - Genscom