Showcase your work with an art newspaper

De Nadruk, an art magazine in newspaper format


We created the newspaper De Nadruk to highlight our Art Critic programme. Not just to foreground our activities but also to offer students and art enthusiasts something tangible.  De contents of the newspaper draw attention to the lesser-known forms of art and culture.

KASKA created a newspaper to highlight their Art Critic program – Genscom

A new edition for a new performance

Each new edition of De Nadruk is linked to a new event for artists and art enthusiasts. And each performance or exhibition is linked to a review featured in the newspaper. This gives De Nadruk a reflective and unifying approach. The feedback on the newspaper has been exceedingly positive. People are greatly impressed by the content, paper quality, and eye-catching layout.

Elke nieuwe editie van de KASKA-krant gaat gepaard met een tentoonstelling - Genscom