A contemporary program booklet for the Upbeat Show Choir

"The Last Gazette” featured in the dance performance 'Aeternum'

A unique playbill

We always put a lot of effort into crafting a comprehensive program for our yearly full-length evening show. This year, we aimed for something unique. And a newspaper seemed like the perfect idea. Our production 'Aeternum' explores the passage between life and death, where one's existence is evaluated on the scales of heaven and hell. That’s why we christened our newspaper The Last Gazette, an essential read for denizens of both realms.

Make a program booklet in newspaper format - Genscom

Perks of a newspaper

A newspaper format allowed us to incorporate a variety of articles, thereby enriching the layers of our story. It also provided ample space to introduce all our choir members, sponsors, team members and to include a few playful bonusses, like the "horoscope" or the "obituary".

Een programmaboek in krantenvorm geeft ruimte voor meer tekst - Genscom

Eager and positive feedback

The playbills in newspaper format received an overwhelmingly positive response from our audience. We received a lot of compliments! And despite the slightly higher cost than usual, we managed to more than recover our investment through voluntary contributions from our audience.


Photos: Bavo Nys

De krant van Upbeat Aeternum is uniek en kreeg veel complimenten - Genscom