How newspapers contribute to the interactive experience in War Museum Medemblik

Turning a newspaper into an interactive and educational plaything

An interactive guide to untold WWII stories

War Museum Medemblik is made up of two exhibitions. The first uncovers 5 untold military operations that were critical for today’s freedom. The second unearths the civilian side of the war with help of a reconstructed village from the 1940s.


Oorlogsmuseum Medemblik uses custom newspapers as part of their interactive exhibitions - Genscom

An authentic and interactive newspaper

The second museum exhibition lets visitors uncover the reconstructed village in Escape Room format with the help of puzzles, clues, hidden shelters and more!

One of the assignments consists of solving a puzzle on the back on a newspaper that can be found in the local pub of the village. Visitors can solve the puzzle by looking for the answers inside the newspaper.

We’re extremely happy with the result! The newspapers are spread across the village and eagerly used by our visitors.

Visitors of the War Museum use the custom newspapers to solve interactive puzzles - Genscom