Why newspapers are a must-have for your customized marketing strategy

A newspaper is a unique offline marketing tool


In today’s plethora of digital communication, a newspaper is exactly the kind of offline marketing tool needed to bring a moment of peace and quiet at the coffee table. A conscious alternative to the clutter of ephemeral emails that clog our mailboxes. The direct and personal approach of offline marketing helps build lasting and meaningful customer relationships, thereby boosting customer retention. 

The choice for a newspaper as offline communication tool has several added advantages. Its distinctly large format is a true eye-catcher. The choice between the classic newsprint and a white paper variant add to the authentic newspaper experience. And our advanced print technology offers stunning and detailed full-colour printing that makes your images and other graphic content pop!

Add to that the hype of this old-school medium, increasing the shareabilty of the newspapers on social media with a reinforcing effect on your marketing campaigns.

Newspapers offer eye-catching visuals and authentic stories - Genscom

A newspaper tells authentic stories


A newspaper is great for storytelling and content marketing. Consumers in the digital age have an increasing demand for authentic stories. Sharing skills and know-how, getting to know the company and the people behind the company, the making-of a product, a behind-the-scenes look at manufacturing…

A strong content marketing strategy and authentic storytelling allows a company to build a deeper and more personal customers relationship and increase customer loyalty and engagement.

She Goes Lala used a printed newspaper as part of their rebranding marketing strategy - Genscom

Personalized marketing with a twist


Many companies have vast amounts of valuable information. But many fail to tap into the full potential of their customer data. A missed opportunity. Because database marketing allows you to present every customer with a personal and individual offer.

In fact, personalized marketing is 20% more effective. And it’s easy to see why. Because personalization makes content hyper-relevant, improves the customer experience and leads to a higher conversion rate.

When we think about personalized marketing, we often think of personalized email marketing. But did you know that a printed newspaper is 7 times more effective than a digital mailing?

Vaillant opted for personalized newspaper as part of their database marketing strategy - Genscom