A school newspaper run by the students at Dr. Bosschool in Utrecht

Why a school newspaper is a must-have communication tool

A school newspaper for students, staff and parents alike

It’s common for schools to have a school publication with the latest news, puzzles, pictures of school events and more. Parents and students at Dr. Bosschool (Utrecht, the Netherlands) set out to find a creative and original school publication and settled on a newspaper format.

The BOSblad is a collaboration between the parents’ committee and students. Its quarterly editions reflect the changing seasons and center on topical themes of the school.

Students and parents at Dr. Bosschool put together a school newspaper each season - Genscom

The students' editorial board

The school newspaper caters entirely to the student. We set up a students' editorial board to help decide on the contents of the publication. The children brainstorm ideas, write articles and send in puzzles or drawings. That’s how we keep the paper a fun and relevant for them. The result? A seasonal newspaper that boasts a colorful and playful touch while maintaining its professional look and feel.

De students contribute their own ideas and articles for the school newspaper - Genscom

A seasonal design and extensive icon database

Just as the seasons change, so too does the design of the BOSblad. The title of the quarterly newspaper is designed to reflect the mood of the season. And each edition centers on topical themes of the school.

In addition, Dr. Bosschool has an extensive database of thematical icons to choose from: from summer to sport, and from Christmas to Easter. These icons can be added in any color and brighten up the design of the school newspaper.

The school newspaper is designed to reflect the mood of the season - Genscom