Digital and print

Genscom’s hybrid solution

More than ever, good business communication involves the strategic deployment of a rich palette of media. Is your company or organization considering switching from paper to digital? Is a combination of digital and print advisable and if so, for which target groups and occasions? A good communication mix consists of offline communication ànd digital solutions.

The process from editing to distribution involves numerous considerations: from available email addresses to a user-friendly mailing system. How do you distribute a direct mailing? What about analytics and segmented communication? Add to that our increasing access to (free) mobile internet and the fact that our content consumption is often volatile in nature. The timing, location, and the medium on which content is read, largely determine the reading experience. Becoming aware of that context and being prepared to tackle it the right way, will allow you to achieve more.

At Genscom, we integrate the creation of print and digital publications in a single communication tool, tailored to your organization. We let you create your own newspaper or magazine, which you can easily convert into a digital version. Depending on your target audience and objectives, you could also resolutely pick one or the other.

Create and realize your own (digital) publications

Create an online magazine or digital newspaper with the corporate identity of your organization, make it responsive and enjoy the benefit of storing them in your personal online library. You can create your own publications without any graphical knowledge at all. Simple, professional designs with the right look and feel capture your readers interest and give them more than a printed publication ever could. No doubt about it, the added value of digital publishing lies in enriching your content. A video to support your article, an elaborate photo report, a relevant ad or a link to the website and your Instagram page or Twitter account, all these things add another dimension to your content. The proper CTA (call to action) and sharing buttons allow you to quickly measure and follow up your objective(s).

A digital publication, for your audience exclusively

Publications are often exclusively reserved for members, subscribers and employees. Rightly so! In return for a fee, readers get a magazine that contains editorial content or specific benefits. Organizations may not want all information to be accessible to anyone. Then again, some articles might benefit from being shared widely. Sharing interesting information about the organization, the community, or a current issue this way is easy and may even encourage interested readers to get in touch. Genscom lets organizations determine which articles in a publication they would like to share and which they’d rather not. This allows them to retain the benefit for the target group or community but also to appeal to a wider group of people, should they want to.


A 360° communications strategy involves the use of different, mutually reinforcing communication channels. That is why Genscom proposes to link the digital articles in your publication to your own organization's website. The development of an API allows us to send the right content to your own online channels, making it easy for visitors to find their way to all of your content.

Measuring, knowing and optimizing

Digital publications and analytics are a natural pairing. We supply a report that contains key information about your readers’ reading habits. To get the best possible picture of your readers’ interest and continue to respond to that, we take a closer look at the data our customers find relevant. What content is being read and shared, which items generate a lot or little interest... Perhaps the people you cannot reach online, may still be reached via print. We would love to find out what constitutes your perfect communications mix, together.

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