Create your own nursing home newsletter for your care facility

A fun and engaging nursing home newsletter for your residents

Many senior care homes have a monthly newsletter highlighting their weekly or monthly activities. Some nursing homes opt for a four-page newspaper, while others prefer a multiple-page magazine for their residents and their families.

These include stories about the residents, news about the facility, activity schedules, pictures of past events, informational titbits, announcements, special days, holidays and birthdays.

A fun and engaging nursing home newsletter is a valuable resource for your retirement centre and brings a smile to your residents’ faces!

Wzc Orelia publish a monthly nursing home newsletter for their residents - Genscom

Get started with a custom communication platform

Care homes and nursing staff can create their own nursing home newsletter with our user-friendly online editor. Our graphic designers will get you started with a professional custom template in keeping with the visual branding of your care home.

The online editor allows access to a content library filled with news articles, poems, jokes and word jumbles to keep your residents engaged. And our graphic designers create a new ready-made puzzle page each month. Just click and drag to add to your nursing home newsletter.

Nursing homes can choose their own print frequency and print run, allowing them to produce content for their care home newsletter at their own convenience and according to in-house capacity.

Wzc Consolata surprised residents with a custom calendar from their nursing home - Genscom