A wonderful creation

Do you lack the time, inspiration or basic skills to create your own designs? Genscom’s experienced graphic designers can create a unique design for you. We listen to your requests and create a design tailored to the materials you supplied or your corporate identity. We can even work from a blank canvas, if needed. From logo to magazine, newspaper to report. We visualise your ideas and refine them until you are completely satisfied with the result!

Would you like to try your own hand at it the next time? No trouble at all. We will gladly help you out.


Stichting Hubi en Vinciane:
a gentle nudge in the right direction

Particularly charmed by another Genscom publication, the Hubi and Vinciane Foundation got in touch with us. They were looking to develop a new magazine for their members. We visited them with a portfolio full of examples and some neat ideas. Having carefully jotted down all of their requirements, we made a first draft.

Shortly after a second meeting to fine-tune the magazine, the first issue of the restyled newsletter rolled off the press. From there on out, Hubi and Vinciane wanted to take over creative duties on the publication. Not a problem for Genscom. We handed over the InDesign files and helped them realise the second issue. Well and truly launched, they now realise their publication fully independently. Genscom prints, addresses and sends out the newsletters.

ACV Public Services’ youth project: a spotlight on unique projects

ACV deemed the time was ripe to get young people more involved with its operation. Armed with an ice cream cart, ACV Public Services took to the streets during the Summer of 2016. Ice cream and Ijsbreker (Icebreaker), a newspaper filled with information for and by young people who wanted to commit themselves for their colleagues. In next to no time our graphic designers created a wonderful newspaper. Of course we listened to ACV’s wishes carefully beforehand and we checked back with them during the creative phase to make sure they liked the design. Judge for yourself!

De Volkshuisvesting Annual Report:
from newspaper to book

For over a year now, Genscom has been closely collaborating with social housing organisation GMV, located in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. No surprises, then, that Genscom was tasked with producing their annual report as well. We poured the texts into an eye-catching page design and delivered a stunning annual report. Further proof that social housing organisation GMV wants all their publications to look as professional as possible.

Social housing organisation Tuinwijk: How do you design a publication?

You can use a lot of words, and still not say anything. Leading by example is what really matters. Which is why an increasing number of social housing organisations are beating the path to Genscom’s door. Inspired by our unique designs and the excellent value for money, these companies are easily convinced of the benefits of a collaboration. Genscom designs and prints tailor-made publications. But there’s more: our experience also allows us to provide editorial advice. Which articles are ideally suited to a publication? What would make for a nice lead article? How do you construct an article? How do you draw the reader in? Based on our advice, Tuinwijk radically altered its publication. With great success! They were flooded with positive reactions. Another social housing organisation which turned the communication with its tenants into a genuine improvement project!

Holiday special Govaka-Pasar:
segmented printing

Looking for something different for your trade show? Why not hand out a real newspaper instead of a regular folder, then? You can load it with information, it’s a real eye-catcher and an inexpensive takeout article to boot. That’s exactly how travel organisation Govaka-Pasar felt about it, so they produced a unique newspaper for every trade show they appeared at. Visitors to the walking fair were handed a newspaper with walking holidays, while attendees of the bike and culture trade show were given a publication specifically tailored to their needs. Exhibitors were satisfied, as indeed were people at the head office!

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