Unique and durable printing

A promotion, a fair, that special spotlight project. One-off ventures or an actual magazine. Personalised or broken down by target group or theme. Genscom delivers high quality digital printing. We also take care of distribution, whether delivered in bulk or sent to individual addresses. If required, we can print the addresses directly onto the printed matter and deliver it to your postal services as is. No more labels, and no more cover pages or plastic packaging either. If you also take into account our ecologically sound production process (water-based inks, FSC-certified paper and a natural drying process), you know your publication is a winner straight out of the green gate!


Groenlink: ecological publishing

Our concept immediately caught the eye of Groenlink, the magazine of Natuurpunt WAL. This approach would finally allow them to extend the ecological aspect all the way to the distribution of their magazine. FSC-certified paper, water-based inks, no more useless surplus paper and a personalised magazine without any plastic packaging. Genscom rightfully prides itself on its production process, which looks out for the environment. Do you risk losing members because they have not yet paid their membership fee? No problem. We can add a friendly reminder in the next issue of the magazine, exclusively for them.

Poverello: focussing on core activities

We have been collaborating with Poverello since 2014. Before that time, Poverello volunteers manually labelled thousands of magazines. A mind-numbing job, indeed. Nowadays, Genscom takes care of distribution duties. One simple mailing list allows us to handle mailing from start to finish. From magazine to direct mail, at the best possible rates. In addition, we automatically sort the printed matter by postal round and we deliver everything to bpost directly. This gives the Poverello professionals and volunteers far more time to focus on their core activities.

Beweging Antwerpen: municipal news from the bottom up

How do you provide highly localised news without losing sight of an overall look and feel? Beweging Antwerpen (Movement Antwerp) developed a model which enabled local volunteers to monitor political events closely and report about them to interested people in their own town, thus allowing them to influence public opinion. And Genscom takes care of their printed matter. Our short processing time allows for very short turnarounds. Highly diverse, limited print-runs are our trademark. No wonder Movement Antwerp considered Genscom the perfect partner to issue their publications.

Wablieft: Genscom speaks plainly

A bi-weekly news summary using plain language, that’s what Wablieft Start is all about. Wablieft has partnered with Genscom to quickly get high-quality printed matter to its readers.

Genscom likes to speak plainly with its customers too. Our invoices are crystal clear, without hidden costs and accurate to the exact number of copies delivered. Simply because 1499 is not 1500.

Erpe-Mere Cycling Event: everything runs smoothly with Genscom

Say cycling, and you say newspaper. A notion that hasn’t eluded the organisers of cycling event Dwars door de Vlaamse Ardennen. For the second year running, they have produced a nice-looking newspaper for the villagers. The team presentation, the route, interviews with last year’s winner and the big names as well as nice advertisements to please the sponsors. Could we deliver the paper by tomorrow if they placed their order today? We’ll do our utmost. If need be, we’ll deliver them ourselves!

Extreme customer focus. That’s what makes us tick!

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