Frigro's segmented communication strategy in newspaper format

How tailored and personalized communication increase consumer engagement

Segmented communication in print


In our industry, we maintain a close relationship with our customers. Our communications team makes sure to keep everyone informed regularly with effective email marketing and newsletters.

But we understand that the power of market segmentation and tailored marketing cannot be underestimated and went looking for creative solutions to reach our target audience. That’s how we landed on the idea of personalized newspapers.

Our newspapers are published twice yearly and are the perfect tool for keeping customers and staff informed in a creative yet informative way.

Frigro opted for segmented communication strategy in the form of a newspaper

A signboard for the business


The personalized newspapers received an extremely positive response, both from colleagues and from customers.

The campaign helped our business stand out from the crowd and had people talking about it for months after.

Personalized newspapers from Frigro allow for targeted communication with customers - Genscom