Data-driven print

Create your own personalised, high-volume, data-driven newspapers

We believe in the power of personalisation

As a business, you know your audience better than anyone. Using sets of information such as audience demographics, behaviour, location and platform, you can segment your audience in order to create custom newspapers that provide the right content, to the right person, in the right context. Segmented, targeted and personalised communication is vital to driving effective audience engagement and forging relevant bonds between customer and brand.

We specialise in segmentation with high data volume

Are you looking for the opportunity to try out your new business model without having to invest in new software or hardware?

Then Genscom is the perfect fit! We specialise in the production of data-driven marketing and communication. We possess the technology to process high data volumes and create personalised newspapers that target your specific audience.

Together, we come up with a tailored formula that best fits your business model and content marketing strategies, including branding, native advertising, long tail marketing, and so much more!

Let us to do a trial run for you!

Before launching a new product, it’s important to build a minimal viable product (MVP) in order to fine-tune your newspaper for your target audience. We can help you do this! Test new ideas on the market in limited editions and collect valuable feedback to make the appropriate adjustments. Test, adjust, retest and readjust. We handle everything flexibly.

Have you seen an interesting project and are you wondering about the possibilities for your organisation?

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