Create your own personalised newspaper, with HAPPIEDAYS

Create your own birthday, wedding, anniversary, school or club newspaper

Are you celebrating a friend’s birthday, a colleague’s retirement or your parent’s
anniversary? Why not commemorate this special occasion with your own personalised
newspaper filled with happy memories and fun photos? How cool is that?

Happiedays is a user-friendly, online tool that allows you to create your own newspaper as
well as have it printed and delivered to your doorstep!

Happiedays is a useful tool for individuals or small groups (such as schools, clubs, youth
groups) who want to capture a special event. From corporate anniversaries, to school events
to summer camps: there are plenty of special occasions worth celebrating with such a
unique memento.

Create and print your own newspaper online, starting from just a single copy. Now with
international shipping.

A personalised newspaper is a fun and original way to celebrate those “happie” days in your

Discover the Happiedays tool here!

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