Selectair: A collaboration that pays off!

Selectair groups over a 100 autonomous, independent travel consultants. They have joined forces to provide you with the best advice at the best rates. Genscom built a communication platform for Selectair which allows travel agencies to design their own printed communication. We set them on their way with some wonderful templates as well as introductory training. The perfect launch pad!

Gauging interest: a personalized congress paper

A web platform which allows agencies to design their own travel newspaper with the most lucrative deals and tips to ensure customers get a dream holiday. Selectair is totally up for it. But could this concept really work? Would agencies actually want to dedicate time to maintaining their own publication?

We were going to find out soon enough. With Selectair’s annual congress on the horizon, we worked out a personalized congress newspaper together. On the first day of the congress, each participant was given a newspaper containing an overview of the programme, the speakers’ keynote speeches and the event sponsors. And that was only the beginning. Using the actual workshop registrations as a guideline, we provided each participant with his or her own unique paper. Combining a personal salutation with each participant’s programme of choice proved an absolute hit. Reactions were unanimously positive. Sponsors, organisers and participants were enthusiastic and Genscom created a platform specifically tailored to Selectair.

Branding the Selectair brand

Selectair thinks the platform provides a great opportunity. Together, we list the advantages of this communication tool below.

In collaboration with Selectair, Genscom proposed a number of professional templates designed to fit the brand’s corporate identity. Every agency gets its own header and every newspaper boasts an eye-catching headline. Selectair, branded to perfection!

In addition, agencies are challenged to address this aspect of their communication as well. With Selectair already providing a website and a digital agency newsletter, only an offline communication tool was lacking. This effectively completes the picture and allows agencies to put their communication plans into practice.

Great membership service

This tool allows agencies to handle their own publications from now on. And they can do so independently from other agencies and at their own tempo.

Genscom guarantees a quick delivery of the newspapers, without agencies having to provide any prior planning. Genscom’s automated flow ensures orders are finished within five working days.

Thanks to this platform, agencies also benefit from reduced rates for their publications. Regardless of the quantity of publications ordered, but based on an estimated, yet not binding, annual volume, Genscom establishes fixed and low unit prices. This group purchase ensures every agency profits from low printing fees for their unique magazines. A Selectair service, available only to its affiliated travel agencies.

A variety of applications, both externally AND internally

Meanwhile, the first publications have sprung to life. And they are proving just as diverse as the agencies themselves! Whether announcing a new name, listing unique cruises for the upcoming year, re-opening a store or undertaking a trip to Le Mans, the list proves endless. And let’s not forget the amazing travel offers proposed by each agency.

Extra: Selectair’s own B2B paper

Proving that leading by example is always the best course of action, Selectair promptly transformed their own magazine into a B2B newspaper that gets delivered to the agencies four times a year. This way, the use of the platform is maximized for both external and internal communication. The benefits of consistency!

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